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Meet The Sinners

In our first post last week we mentioned how we came up with the name of our flagship beer Original Sin, so we figured there was no better way to follow up that post than to discuss our core range, what we call 'The Sinners'.

Bottles of our core range of beers.
The Sinners Range

Do You Know Your Sins?

As mentioned previously it is the Christian belief that we are all born with Original Sin due to Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit.

The idea is that all people are born sinful or with a built in urge to do bad things, this is the Original Sin, then as a kid you moved on to Venial Sin before growing up to master Mortal Sin.

Fear not though, absolution for all your sins is available in a Plenary Indulgence.

Now you know the meaning behind the names let's delve a bit deeper into the beers themselves..

We started off with our award winning IPA Original Sin, a trinity of Magnum, Citra & Mosaic hops blend together to create citrus, tropical, fruity tones, this is our flagship beer at 5.5%,

We then moved on to Venial Sin our Sessionable IPA at 3.8% where a variety of grains and barley create an attractive body to match the tropical aroma, this is a lower ABV than Original Sin but still packing in flavour, another Alltech gold medal winning beer for us.

Shortly after we got a bit more daring, releasing our Mortal Sin a double IPA at 8%, a dangerously drinkable beer with a smooth bitterness and beautiful body from four different grains.

Once we released our Mortal Sin, our dangerously drinkable double IPA we decided it was time for absolution, time for a Plenary Indulgence, our no-nonsense pint of plain.

A bottle of Plenary Indulgence
All is forgiven with a Plenary Indulgence!

Stay tuned for future posts where we will discuss in more detail the brewing process behind these beers, highlight the people of Priory and much much more!

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